Donald Trump For President Or Something!

I have been following comments by Donald Trrump that he might gamble on helping the American people by allowing us to vote for him as president of the nation. I do know a few things about this man:

1. He enjoys firing people. That should work well with Tea Party folk who enjoy firing people, particularly if they belong to a union or work for the government.

2. He enjoys running a gambling establishment. Well, we have a president right now who would never take a gamble on anything that polls show are not popular so Donald might have an edge on this issue.

3. He is willing to display his birth certificate. And, we do know the other guy was born in a gorilla camp somewhere in Africa. At least Donald can prove he is human, the other guy can’t even prove that much about himself.

3. He is Christian, I think. The other guy is either an Atheist or a Muslim or a Communist or something, but he is not one of our God Fearing native born Americans.

4. He has an attractive wife and she devotes her time to being beautiful not like that other woman who goes around worrying about the fatties of the land.

5. He has beautiful hair. The other guy just has some hair on his head.

6. He likes to make money for himself. The other guy likes to give away money.

7. He has absolutely no knowledge of foreign affairs aside from some possible foreign affairs with attractive women.

8. His biggest plus is that he is neither Sarah Palin nor Michele Bachmann.