Don’t Ask Me, Ask Tooth Fairy!

Jon Corzine is a famous businessman. He used his fame–and money– t0 get elected as governor of New Jersey and a US senator from that great state. After a few years as governor, he decided, or should we say, the people of New Jersey decided, to allow his return to the world of business. His MF Global company was forced to declare bankruptcy and this saddens the  great business leader.

‘My sadness, of course  pales in comparison to the losses and hardships that customers, employees, and investors suffered as a result of MF Global’s bankruptcy.” Oh, there was a minor issue of $1.2 Billion that is unaccounted for  which sort of represents a lot of money. “I simply do not know where the money is.”

We decided to do some investigation in order to ascertain the location of the missing $1.2 Billion. Following are what has been uncovered by our intrepid investigators;

1. The Tooth Fairy does NOT deny she might have the money, nor will she admit that she has the money.

2.  Gay and Lesbian groups refuse to admit possessing the money which  might be used in the coming election to defeat their opponents.

3. Donald Trump refuses to discuss this sum of money. When we contacted him, he was working on his hair.

4.  Newt Gingrich was confused because he thought the publisher was going to give him $1.2 Billion for rights to his latest outburst of brilliance.

5. President Karzai of Afghanistan said he could not be bothered by such small change and don’t call again.