Don’t Attack Putin, The Great Leader, Or Else!

The government of Prime Minister Putin believes in freedom of speech and freedom to demonstrate as long as the speech and the demonstration support the government. If there is one thing, the Great Leader, Putin, dislikes, is having people say nasty things about him. Vladivostok prosecutors have opened an investigation into recent demonstrations in the Far East during which banners were held up which said: “Putin Kaput,” a takeoff on World War II posters about Hitler being Kaput. Police are questioning organizers of the protest rallies and even participants in order to find out if any will admit the real aim of their statements was to do violence to the Great Leader. Many people in the Far East rely on import of second hand foreign cars which they resell and Putin’s decision to raise import duties on foreign cars had a devastating impact on the economy.

The bottom line is that Russia has the “appearance” of being a democracy, not the reality. Its leaders would be perfectly content to remain in office forever and a day and to only see adoring crowds cheering them on. In Russia, Democracy Kaput!!