Don’t Back Down!!

The Republican party of the United States of America once was led by presidents who favored federal government action to develop the economy, Federal government action to regulate big business, a strong stand against segregation and a firm supporter of women rights. However, over the past two decades it has been taken over by a group of radical fanatics. Sarah Palin appeared before a meeting of leading Republicans and once again played the race card by insinuating that President Obama was not a real American. In response to his desire for stronger background checks to purchase guns, Sarah thundered back: “you should have started with your own.”

Scott Walker urged fellow Republicans “not to back down” while Newt Gingrich made clear his party had the right principles but had to do a better job of expressing them to the public. Speaker after speaker insisted the American people agreed with Republican principles and the entire problem was due to how those principles were delivered.

The current Republican Party has come a long way from Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. It is not surprising those names are never mentioned.