Don’t Bang Upon Bangkok Door!

I do not know what are your plans for the coming summer season, but if you desire avoiding being in places in which people will be shot for wandering into the streets without permission, then, please do not visit the nation of Thailand. Let me explain the situation:

1. People living in northern areas of Thailand feel neglected and they have become supporters of the Shinawatra family. First, they supported Thaksin Shinawatra, he was elected, and then escorted out of the country. Ditto for his sister, Yingluck, who recently got ousted as Prime Minister.
2. The middle and upper classes of Thailand do not want leaders who are concerned about poor folk. In their view, if you got the power and money it should at least ensure that you continue having the power and money.
3. The monarchy of Thailand supports those with power and money.
4. Leaders of the armed forces use that power to get money and power. Guess who they want running the nation?

So, thousands of troops are now in major cities and guess who will get the hell beat out of them if they attempt to demonstrate against the military takeover of the government??