Don’t Be Gay In Russia

Vitaly Milonov has pushed through in St. Petersburg legislation what makes illegal gay behavior. He has now introduced legislation in the Duma which would extend this concept throughout Russia. “If society believes that a model of behavior doesn’t correspond to society’s interest, then society reacts to it.” Mr. Milonov, as a devout Christian is particularly upset at sodomy. “Sodomy is repellent to me.”

OK, so sodomy is not something he enjoys. I hate to tell this nice Russian man but  husbands and wives often engage in the act of sodomy. Where did we get the idea that sodomy was strictly connected to gay people. It has been around as long as there have been humans. The problem is enforcing laws against gays is the result is to make a lot of people not gay.

If sodomy can become illegal, what about other forms of sexual behavior?