Don’t Be Gay In Uganda

Those who inhabit the continent of Africa were blessed to be invaded and conquered by “civilized people” who termed themselves Christians or Muslims and among the gifts of civilization were new ideas about those who engage in homosexual acts. Uganda became a good Christian civilization in which educated people became convinced that any form of homosexuality was an insult to God. President Youweri Mukseveni signed a new bill which made legal punishing those who engage in homosexuality in the country. It is now a crime in Uganda to engage in “the promotion or recognition” of homosexuality. Conviction of this form of “aggravated assault” can lead to the death penalty.

The president asked experts in order to make certain that in signing this bill it was based upon solid scientific evidence. He was assured the bill protected people from being assaulted. He was told that lesbian behavior stemmed from “sexual starvation.” He was informed by experts that homosexuality “is not genetic but a social behavior” which goes against the rules of God.

So, it you decide to have a gay time, skip a trip to Uganda.