Don’t Burn Korans, Get Rid Of Assad

There is something hypocritical about all too many people in the Middle East, Jew, Muslim, Christian, they are all hypocrites when it comes to religion.  Some American soldiers inadvertently burned a few Korans while disposing of some books. This set off riots and demonstrations in Afghanistan. “Die, die foreigners!” was the chant. One protester, Mohammed Hakim, said: “they should leave Afghanistan rather than disrespecting our religion.”

Sorry, Hakim, the Taliban killing people disrespects your religion, actions to deny women equal rights disrespects your religion, forcing young girls to marry against their will disrespects your religion. The murder of thousands in Syria disrespects your religion. If you are so concerned about your religion, protest against the murder of fellow Muslim Syrians.

A burned Koran does not kill a single person. It is a mistake, period.