Don’t Fire Away In Tibet

The Chinese Communist government conquered Tibet decades ago and during that time period has been attempting to persuade–or force– Tibetans  to behave like good Chinese folk. The Dalai Lama is long since gone, he travels the world, but is not allowed to visit his beloved Tibet. People in Tibet continue regarding themselves as being Tibetans, and this has led to continued outbreaks of anger toward the Chinese invaders.

During the past year about 35 Tibetans have set themselves on fire in order to make clear their anger toward the Chinese occupation. Last week, two young men set themselves on fire. As they flamed, their voices could be heard shouting for independence for Tibet. Pictures of their self immolation are now on Internet sites. The Chinese government has decided to fight fire with water. They are arming soldiers and police with portable fire hydrants.

Of course, they could always simply have the police and soldiers drop their pants and simply piss on the flames. A lot easier than carrying  around a fire hydrant.