Don’t Forget Lebanon

The area known as Lebanon has been around for thousands of years. In ancient times, it was a major trade center. In ancient times the area was inhabited by Jews or Christians and later came the Muslims. The years passed, populations shifted and along came the Iranians with gobs of money for groups like Hezbollah. A war broke out in Syria which divided people in Lebanon and soon strife from next door arrived at the doors of people in Lebanon. Sectarian clashes between supporters of Syrian President Assad with rebels in his nation are now daily occurrences inside Lebanon. Yesterday, the army of Lebanon was in the streets of Beirut.

Please do not ask me to explain this one. There are supporters of the Syrian Alawites, Christians who back Assad together with Christians who hate him fighting Muslims for and Muslims against, but the question is whether they know who one is for or against. Anyway, hovering in the background is the Israel army.

Why can’t everyone just leave the people alone for a few years of peace and quiet??