Don’t Get High??

The International Narcotics Control Board(INCB) which is allegedly responsible to police treaties that deal wi th durgs, is worried about the American people. These supposedly advocates of law and order are now passing laws which permit individuals to get high on a joint of marijuana. It issued a report expressing concern for the “unprecdented surge in legal highs” that is emerging among Americans. Colorado and Washington are the latest states which permit those with a desire to light up to do so. According to  the INCB, such laws “undermine the humanitarian aims of the drug control system, and are a threat to public health and wellbeing.” They are warning America that use of cannabis must be carefully regulated.

As I understand, the INCB believes it is much healthier to imprison men and women so they can more aptly learn the trade of being a criminal. Certainly, their health and welfare are better served being in prison rather than lighting up a joint after work. This is one time for Americans to support national rights.