Don’t Hit Children Says Islamic Council

The Islamic Council of Norway has come out against hitting children and made clear that a Muslim parent had no right to use physical violence against a child. The statement came in the midst of extensive discussions by the Norwegian government concerning the rights of children to be free from use of violence against them. In 1995, the Supreme Court of Norway said that giving one’s child a light disciplinary smack was not illegal, but the Norwegian government now wants to end all forms of physical violence against children. State Secretary Astri Aas-Hansen of the Ministry of Justice, said: “It needs to be crystal clear that children have the same legal protection as adults in Norway. Parents also ned to know that they do not have any punishment rights. Just as it is wrong to smack an adult, it is also wrong to smack a child.”

It is about time that Norway came to the conclusion any form of violence against children is wrong. Now, if Norway can export its sensible ideas to the United States we might put an end to physical violence against children in America.

  • Ahimsaka

    This is awesome.:)