Don’t Insult King Of——

There is a King of a nation in Asia who does  not like anyone to say nasty things about him and if they do, off to jail is their  destination. Joe Gordon, an American citizen was in the country of TH——- and he committed the horrible crime of  translating parts of a book which dealt with the King of TH——  and this caused great displeasure to the government. It appears that King B-A  does not want anyone translating books in which his name appears.

I have not desire to go to jail for printing the name of this country or this King. Who knows, maybe King A-B has agents in America and who knows what will  happen to me. Joe is off to jail for  a few years, I am sitting here by my computer and making certain no mention of any name of a certain country or a certain King appears on these pages. Gee, isn’t it wonderful to spend an entire life and never hear a negative word uttered about you!

So, if you happen to touch ground in the country of TH, just keep your mouth shut and never mention the name of any King.