Don’t Insult Putin Or Else, Says Russia!

The Russian Foreign Ministry is upset because a Ukranian politician had the audacity to insult the beloved and always correct Vladmir Putin. Russia told the Ukranian government it did not wish people in its country “who damage the Russian Federation by action or word.” The Russians were particularly upset because the city of Kiev refused to allow Moscow’s Mayor Yury Luzhkov to enter the Ukraine, no doubtedly, because of his urging that Russia assume control over the Black Sea seaport of Sevastopol which belongs to the Ukraine.

The war of words between Russia and the Ukraine, which was once part of the Soviet Union, continues in all its fury. Russia claims the Ukraine’s first deputy justice minister had insulted Putin, but then again, every dissident who believes in free speech, a free press or a free election has insulted Putin. The underlying causes stem from a desire on the part of Russia to force the Ukraine to heed close to Russian foreign policy and to reject membership in either the European Union or NATO. The Ukraine, in turn, is furious at the blatant attempts by Russia to use its energy supplies to force the Ukraine to be more obedient.