Don’t Invite New Zealanders For A Drink!

This year’s German beer festival of Octoberfest witnessed New Zealand drinkers performing unheard of drinking activities which left Germans speechless at the antics of the Kiwi drinkers. A group known as the 100 Club required its members to drink a 35 ml shot of beer every minute for 100 minutes. The club engages in this annual drinking event which takes place in Munich and is world renown for drinking and fun. However, fun for the 100 club has a certain twist. If a play vomits or urinates they have to drink it, or get another member to perform the act of drinking through a funnel or muddy boot. If any player violates the rules, judges create a foul concoction which might include raw eggs, tuna, rotten bananas, pickled onions and chilli. However, they do draw the line at eating shit, which goes to show these men DO have some standards of behavior. Most Germans regard the New Zealanders as creatures from outer space.

If you are interested, here are the rules:

Judges can raid disgusting food products to be consumed by participants.
Drinks are poured through funnels.
Judges can put anything into the funnels.
Judges can cover participants in flour and food.
Participants must brig their own shot glass.
Participants supply their own beer.
Shots of beer must be consumed every minute for 100 minutes.
Judges keep time by smashing two pots.
If a participant uses the toilet, vomits or urinates, they must drink a penalty funnel.
If a participant is forced to drink a penalty funnel, the are eliminated.
Anyone wearing underwear will have it ripped off.
No drinking with the right hand.
No back chat.
No arguing with judges.
Participants can get revenge on judges at end by urinating on them.