“Don’t Kill Me” Shouts Gbagbo!

Laurent Gbagbo had dozens of opportunities to peacefully leave the office of President of Ivory Coast which would have provided him with glory and admiration from the peopel of his nation. Instead, he embarked on a vicious assault on his own citizens which resulted in thousands of dead and wounded people as well as hundreds of women who endured rape and violation of their bodies. He refused to step down and compelled the UN and the African Union as well as troops loyal to Alassane Quattara to engage in war.

When troops finally entered his underground bunker, the first words from his mouth were: “Don’t Kill Me.” Ah, the words of a brave man who is willing to fight to the death of his own soldiers. A soldier lost his temper and slapped the president. As Gbagbo and his wife left the residendce, angry women shouted curses of the pair and tried to pull hair.

There must be a trial at the International Criminal Court to serve as a warning to other petty tyrants who refuse to end oppression. Frankly, death in this case, is the right reward for brutality.