Don’t Let Them IN!

The United States of America has been a nation for over 230 years and during that time span about 2.1 million people who attempted to enter the county have been forced to depart as deportees. Barack Obama has been president for not even five years and during that time period has compelled about 2.1 million people to depart from this land. According to the Republican party the black dude is soft on illegal immigrants but he has far surpassed the number forced to leave than during the eight years of George Bush. Oh well, just another example of Obama being blamed for the policies of George Bush.

It increasingly is clear that Barack Obama has made Republican policies the center of his own programs of action. Instead of using Medicare as a  model for health care, he embraced the health care policy of Mitt Romney. Now, he has become the Numero Uno man to keep out Hispanics while proclaiming to Hispanics that he wants them here.

Actually, they are leaving with their feet due to poor working conditions.