Don’t Light Up In Turkey Today

The Turkish government has instituted a new policy which bans smoking in any enclosed area of the country, much to the anger of business establishments such as restaurants and coffee houses. Most smokers believe the new law will be difficult to enforce despite the fines accompanying violations of its requirements. Smoking will be prohibited on all forms of pubolic transportation and well s within some open-air areas such as ourtyards of eductation buildings. The public appears to support the law with about 87% indicating they agree with the intention of the health aspects of the new legislation.

Many people in Turkey are heavy smokers who average about a pack a day so this law will be an interesting test as to whether public health will predominate over the inclinations of people to smoke themselves into dangerous health situations. Almost forty percent of the populations doubts if the ban can be implemented let alone be successful.

The law also makes illegal throwing away the stub of a cigarette unless it is placed in a garbage bin. Time will tell if the ban on smoking creates a smoke proof Turkish socity.