Don’t Mess With McDragan’s Strip Joint!

The hamburger chain, McDonald’s is ready to strip to the waist to do battle with the strip tease chain known as McDragan’s which intends to use a large “M” in its title that appears to resemble the famous big M of McDonald’s. The hamburger M is challenging the right of the strip tease M to advertise with a logo that looks just like the real M logo and urges people to drive in for some strip teasing. A McDonald spokesperson said: “In our view, this is clearly a breach of a trademark.” Strip tease owner, Dragan Bratic, insists his M has nothing to do with hamburgers. “It is two breasts with nipples. Anyone can see that.” He also noted; “I’m not Irish, I’m a Yugoslav. And I don’t sell hamburgers. I sell live striptease.”

Is the world large enough for two big Ms in the sky? Does the McDonald lawsuit mean Mr. Brastic can not serve hamburgers in his striptease club? Or, must they be served while women are gyrating in order to avoid confusion with the Big Mac?

We suggest since President Obama is in Europe that he hop over to Sweden and help to resolve this dispute.