Don’t Mess With Michele!

Michele Bachmann is one macho gal who will not back down before the evil servants of the Devil. She is one woman who talks with God and seeks advice from the old man up in the sky. I realize the rest of humanity never gets opportunities like our Michele to have uninterrupted private confabs with the man who is THE MAN. Michele has told the American people that she has a “titanium spine” and no one can prevent this messenger of God from going about her daily tasks of getting rid of vermin Liberals. It turns out this enemy of “the government” has over the past few years sought the aid of police because someone three glitter at her and someone got rid of her campaign signs. But,–and I sure hope John Wayne up in Heaven-or wherever he is does not read the following words–Michele complained go the police that she went to pee in a public lavatory and two women-one an ex-nun would not allow her to leave. Somehow, this brave woman fought her way–single handedly– out of the rest room and burst into view just as God was signaling he wanted another confab.

I assume if she becomes President Bachmann there no ex-nuns will be allowed to visit the White House–particularly public rest rooms.