Don’t Mess With Nevin!

There is a young woman in Turkey who is rather determined and not afraid to express her feelings with action. Nevin Yildrim is a young Turkish female who was assaulted by some man who thought being a man allowed him to rape and dishonor any female who he sees. She was raped, but decided the time had come for women to fight back. She got a gun, confronted the man who raped her and repeatedly sent bullets into his body. She then stabbed him, chopped off his head and deposited it at the feet of some men in a cafe who called her a whore for being raped by one of their buddies.

Many in Turkey are demanding that Ms. Yildrim be allowed to have an abortion in order to clean her body from any connection with the  rapist. She told police her action restored her honor. Usually, it is the rapist who claims his honor is violated because a sister dates a man not liked by the family. This is one example of “Honor Killing” that should be applauded throughout Turkey.

Free Nevin and free all women in Turkey from the dishonor of honor killings!!