Don’t Mess With Them Chechens!

During the 1990s, the Russian government under leadership of Vladimir Putin launched a horrible war against the people of Chechnya. The result was massive death and thousands of people fled their country seeking some peace and quiet in life. Among those refugees were many who came to America seeking a more hospitable place to live. Somewhere along the road of life, some who had taken refuge in the United States concluded that America had something to do with oppression of the people of Chechnya. One result was the Boston Marathon Massacre carried out by Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his brother Dzhokhar. Yesterday, some police in Boston halted a young Chechen boy named Ibragim Todashev and questioned him about his friendship with the boys.

The rest is unclear. Ibragim grabbed something and lunged at an FBI agent only to be shot down. We now have another mystery as to whether this young man was involved in planning the bombing. It also goes to make clearer that American involvement in Muslim countries only compounds problems, rather than solves them. There is no doubt Mr. Todashev has a record of personal violence. As always, violence begets violence.