Don’t Mess With Turkey

We offer some unsolicited advice to the government of Syria- if you guys have any common sense, don’t mess with the Turkish army. I hate to tell you folks but those Turks have artillery, air planes, tanks, guided missiles and other such stuff that is not currently possessed by the people in your land who want an end to dictatorship. The Turkish government believes their jet plane was downed by Syrian planes while it was flying over international waters.

President Bashar al-Assad, just like his dad, has never confronted an opposing force which can implement its forceful words with force. Bashar might trust his own army, but yesterday about 200 left Syria and crossed the border into Turkey.  This is one time Bashar will pay and pay or face the consequence which not might be exactly what he desires.

Bashar, shut up, apologize, and pay the price of downing a Turkish air force plane.