Don’t Robb A Waffle House!

Charles Bernard Anderson is not the sort of person one would invite to dinner. He is the hoodie that frightens Larry Cuban and forces him to cross over to the other side of a street. He robs, he steals and he enjoys waving around his gun. OK, so a few million men and women display their guns with pride, but, of course, they belong to the National Rifle Association which argues each and every American has the RIGHT to openly display his weapon of war. If you doubt me, just check with the 2nd Amendment. Anyway, Mr. Anderson entered a Waffle House and displayed his Constitutional weapon, but for some reason, those in the Waffle House were upset. OK, so he took some money, but to the judge who heard the case, it was the waving of his gun in the face of a cashier that was the problem.

Judge Thompson does not like dark skinned men waving guns around. Sorry, it is OK to wave your weapons including machine guns, but only in places like Churches or government buildings or schools, but do NOT point them at folks in a Waffle House. Judge Thompson noted it was the fourth felony committed by Anderson. According to the judge, “people who would rather steal than work” deserve only one verdict-life in prison without parole.

I can now rest secure when I go to a Waffle House, the bad people will not dare to enter it.