Don’t Show, Don’t Reveal

I confess to the crime of being a voyeur. I enjoy gazing at a female body. Gozde Kansu, WAS a host on a TV program in Turkey. Today, she is not a host and is unemployed for the crime wearing a dress that apparently revealed too much cleavage. Let me cleave away from proper thinking and support her claim of being fired because some bureaucrat in the Turkish government does not like to see female boobs–at least in public, I assume that he does gaze at the boobs of his wife. Ms. Kansu charges her station managers for giving into what ONE government official demanded. “Sacrificing me was the easiest thing they could have done and they did.”

Her producer now claims “her way of presentation and style was not in line with ths show’s aims.” Ratings were in the normal range, there were no audience protests, but ONE government official did not agree with cleavage so off the show she goes. Government bureaucrat Huseyin Celik found her dress “extreme” because of cleavage. How about allowing we mean the right of cleavage? In America we enjoy that right, check the Constitution.