Don’t Steal My Valor

I understand there are people in America who worry about jobs or rising debt or student loan debt or robbing the wealthy of this nation of their hard earned money, but not enough people are concerned about the most important issue facing America. Congress finally passed a law. NO, it did not deal with unemployment, no, it did not concern raising minimum wages, no it did not deal with the Social Security system. Finally, it both parties came together to pass the Stolen Valor Act. Finally, it is a crime for someone to lie about being in the Armed forces and earning medals.

This law makes me rest easy. I did earn medals while in the service during the Korean War and I would be furious to learn someone is wearing my medals who never served the nation. I earned the Good Conduct Medal and I earned the Army  of Occupation of Germany medal. Just imagine if some guy who dodged the draft had those medals and went around boasting of his bravery! I can sleep peacefully tonight knowing that if he did, he goes to jail!