Don’t Take Your Gun To Town

Senator Dianne Feinstein undoubtedly is now  on the list of bad people that is kept by the National Rifle Association. She has introduced a bill that would prohibit the manufacture of importation of 158 specific military-style assault rifles, ban large -capacity magazines of more than 10 rounds and  possibly introduce a Federal registration for all existing owners of such rifles and magazines. Unlike the prior law banning such weapons, this would not have a “sunshine clause” which ends these restrictions at a certain date.

It is quite clear that Feinstein is part of the GOVERNMENT attempt to curtail freedom and liberty to American people. It assumes that we God fearing decent Americana no longer have the right to kill one another. It assumes that if someone looks at me in the wrong manner I do not have the right to blast this bastard! It means someone can insult me, or my wife or my daughter and I have not way to protect them against such violence!