Don’t Talk Sex-Malaysia Story

According to religious authorities in the  country of Malaysia the entire process of reproduction can be readily cleared up for the average Muslim child. They decided to ban a book on sex education that was written thirty years ago because “elements(in the book) undermine societal morals and public order. ” OK, kids, here goes:

Once upon a time there was a beautiful Tooth Fairy who wandered the world bringing joy and babies to people. She waited until a boy and a girl got married, and that night, she crept into their bed, touched the girl between her legs, and by the next morning the girl felt as though a child was in her body.

Several months later, Mommy had a big tummy, not one containing a child, but a lot of water. Anyway, Mommy went to sleep one night and the good fairy arrived with a baby in her arms. And, that is how you were born. It says so in this book!