Don’t Touch My Baby!

Hatred lacks any home, it lacks any common sense, but it is alive and well in most parts of the world, including the United States of America. Nurse Tonya Battle was making her rounds at Flint Medical Center when she entered a room, gazed at the chart and noted it said: “No African American nurse to care for baby.” The note was at the request of a  white supremacist dad who had a swastika on his arm to depict his beliefs in the power of white over black. I assume that he did not want a Jewish doctor or a Muslim nurse, only God fearing white skinned red blooded 100% Americans. Similar incidents are reported in hospitals around America which allow patients the power to decide skin color–or religion– of their medical staff.

I assume if it is an emergency the patient would prefer to die than to live in order to ensure no “black blood” enters their veins. We endured this stupidity for years  in which “Black Blood” could not be mixed with “White Blood.” Of course, since blood is the color, red, this means only Red Blooded American Indians should contribute blood. If you want to choose  color or religion of medical staff, just remain at home–and DIE!