Don’t Vote-Live!

The only certainty in the nation of Pakistan is the presence of some group which is angry at the government and wants to break away. The people of Baluchistan have been fighting for years to have their province become an independent nation. There will be a vote for the new parliament and president of Pakistan, but the folk of Baluchistan do not want to vote for these people, they want to vote to break away from the entire disarray that is known as-Pakistan. So, the message in Baluchistan is -vote if you want to get killed. On the other hand, there are folk in Baluchistan who insist people should vote for parties that want to secede from the entity of Pakistan.

In other words, you may decide to vote to secede which might anger someone who does not want any voting. Some actually believe they can get their own country by voting, others want it by the barrel of a gun. Ah life, in dear old Pakistan.