Don’t Whistle In Church!

Pope Benedict is a good man, an honest man, but apparently some who surround him simply use the Church as a piggy bank to make money. Paolo Gabriele, a 46 year old butler who works in the Vatican believes there are at least 20 other men like him seeking to expose graft and corruption in the Vatican. “The people, who like me, want to help bring some transparency number at least 20.” The Vatican denies that others are also under investigation for stealing papers.

Mr.Gabriele’s lawyer admits he stole papers, but argues it was done out of love for the Pope. Gabriele argues the gap between Vatican hawks and reformers has widened. He also fears for his life claiming one can get killed and “no one can say what happened.”

The Catholic Church is too important for it to continue ignoring reality of life in the 21st century. There are over 80 million Catholics in America and only a handful of priests and nuns being prepared to serve their needs.