Doo Doo Is Off Doo Doo Comments

Tyre Davis was on his way to school when he happened upon a group of policemen standing around. As he reached the at E.181st Street and Creston Avenue the youth turned to his friend, pointed towards where the cops were standing and said: “It smells like doo-doo.” At this point, the shit hit the fan because the cop who was standing in the doo-doo became upset at being told he was standing in shit, so he whirled around, raised his foot, said, “shit” and turned on the boy who had alerted him to the shit he was in and yelled a few curses about shit, shit, shit. Before Tyre knew what was happening, he was thrust into a patrol car, taken down to the local precinct, taken into a room where they beat the shit out of him–figuratively, not literally. The boy was charged with disorderly conduct, hit so hard his head bounced on the floor.

The police are confident their version of shit will be more persuasive than that told by a seventeen year old boy of the streets. Let’s face it, this is one shitty story!