Doomsday Scenario Unfolding In Afghanistan?

During the first week in June, over twenty US and NATO soldiers have died in Afghanistan and the news is getting worse. President Karzai apparently is beginning to lose his marbles and there are signs he is an emotionally unstable man leading a government that is on the brink of collapse. In another of his impulsive actions, he fired the two most competent individuals in his Cabinet, Interior Minister Atmar and Intelligence director Amrullah Saleh who supposedly has created an effective intelligence gathering group which has assisted US forces in Afghanistan. According to Haron Meer, a political analyst, “this is the beginning of the unraveling of the Afghan government” as Karzai makes decisions which run counter to the needs of western armed forces fighting to protect his regime. Casualties are rising, there is growing distrust of the Afghan government on the part of its own people as well as most Western governments, and Karzai blows up and fires people who are doing the job while corrupt, inefficient friends are left alone to rob the people of Afghanistan. Shukna Barakzai, a member of parliament who supports the president, sadly noted, “we are going backward, not forwards.”

Reality is Karzai feels isolated from Western nations, he feels under siege in his own country, he doesn’t trust many people and he apparently has lost all connection with the desires of US and NATO military leaders. Frankly, this cannot continue, not with deaths rising on the battlefields. Most probably the only scenario that makes any sense is to reach out to warlords and let them take on the responsibility of saving their nation from the Taliban. Get the hell out while there is time to leave– with some dignity.

The leader of Afghanistan has lost his marbles. So, Barack, whose ass do you want now to kick over this problem?