Dos And Don’ts For Turkish Women

A list of controversial “dos and don’ts” regading sexual relations for Turkish women has been published by the Directorate of Religious Affairs. According to the much debated list(it is not law in Turkey) people should avoid having illegal etra-marital affairs and engaging in such behaviors as flirting and dating that might lead to adultery. Turkey is a nation in which some women are blatantly western in their normal behavior while others adhere more closely to traditional ways of behavior.The web site of the Directorate said “women have to be more careful since they have sexual stimulants.” It cited women who wear perfume outside fthe home as displaying immoral behavior because “Our Prophet Mohammed did not approve of women who wear perfume and fragrances outside their homes and he descried this action as immoral.”

The list in itself is an expression of free speech and one can accept or reject the suggestions. The danger lies in having the list used by men who wish to harass women who don’t follow its precepts. It is doubtful if western thinking women and men will cease flirting and dating because of a list published on a web site.

Ironically, the list of “dos and don’ts” as well as opposition to abortion would probably meet with approval by many American rellgious fundamentalists. Perhaps, Jerry Falwell and James Dobson should pay more close attention to their similarities in thinking with Muslim fundamentalists. They may have new allies in their fight against immorality and abortions.

  • Kristina O’Donnelly

    Dear Impudent :-) Observer,
    I read this news article with great sadness.
    I appreciate that you mention the Christian fundamentalist leaders as well (the so-called prophet Warren Jeffs and his adherents too have been riding a similar bandwagon), proving that in different and far-flung parts of the world, men employ the same kind of mindset to strip women of their freedom, individuality and spirit, reduce them to mere objects who exist at the whim of ….
    aaaah! Sigh, sigh, sigh.
    Some men, in the Orient or the Occident, are just plain fools. They do not understand that by dehumanizing women, they will, ultimately, dehumanize themselves.

    As the song goes: Cry me a river….

  • Fred Stopsky

    I accept your comments. In my youth, I thought in ways that now make me feel ashamed. Since then I single parented a three and two year old and learn the reality of the lives of women.

  • Mehmet Kerem Doksat, MD

    Well, these ridiculous dos and do nots are definitely absurd. On the other hand, some fundamentalists are trying to change Turkey to Hell.
    We will not allow them.
    All the best…

  • turkey

    Thanks You , Perfect Post :)

  • billy


  • Andrew

    I was in Turkey and I respect the women. It is a very beautiful thing that they wait till marriage and don’t follow our western ways. Long may they continue sto set such a good example to the world- friendship is the most important thing, and marriage is special. The life is better if we live good and decently.

  • meral

    i am a türk and here people have values and tradition s from their families and societies, we dont sit on the couch and watch people who are from dicrotrate of religious affairs on tv and plus they dont much have the chance to rant on tv… and the state has no religion, people have religion in turkey