Doth Protest Too Much

The Turkish Justice and Development Party is very anxious to ensure that all Turks understand the importance of expressing their views on the conduct of freedom of speech in their nation. Police have detained 35 youth organization members because they have yet to grasp they do have a right to protest against the government. However, they must understand the importance of protest is to make clear to the population that people are protesting to ensure the government understands they support government policies. For some strange reason there are still some youth groups believing they have a right to protest AGAINST government policies.

We strongly support efforts of Prime Minister Erdogan to educate Turkish youth in the importance of being in accord with government policies. This prevents sending youth to prison which ensures there are more youth outside to protest in support of the government. Hopefully, one day Turkish youth will be on the barricades supporting policies that violate their human rights. Then, all will be at peace in Turkey.