DoubleSpeak In UK/Great Britain

British Prime Minister David Cameron boasts he is creating a new Big Society in which government will no longer lead the country, but individual people at the bottom will assume control over their lives and bring peace and prosperity to one and all. “Basically, a stronger, bigger society is something we should try and do whether spending is going up or down. If the state spends less and does less.. there should be a positive benefit if some part of society were to step forward and do more.” The Big Society is all about changing the way the government of Great Britain operates. This is all very clear. Those with considerable wealth will continue having considerable wealth and poor and middle class folk will step forward and do with less in order that those who have more have more. OK, so you can not volunteer at the local library because they closed the library, but you could volunteer to man soup kitchens at the local church for those who don’t have anything to eat. I got the message.

We reduce benefits for children, we reduce the income of the middle class and for those who are poor we do our darn best to ensure they remain poor. This is what we term working from the bottom up. After all, isn’t it better for society that you die at a younger age and thus save resources of society for those who are more physically fit? Hopefully, poor people will get with the program and understand that by having less food they will not longer have to worry about obesity. See, the Big Society makes everyone healthier!!

  • Pussycat

    Governments invent language to control and subjugate workers.Prior to propaganda like “Big Society” churches, nobles, kings and queens squabbled and waged war for 2000 years to gain money and power using people like slaves in their Big Societies. Nothing has change in principle. People should get educated and start to refuse to join in the farse. Soldiers should be ostracised for obeying orders, we have become zombies being controlled by self-interested groups. If armies were controlled by the people we could start to have decent free societies. What is happening in the middle east will hopefully spread to the USA and Europe.
    Teachers, doctors and your mum should be running society not the media, governments and
    the uncaring wealthy.