Down Slippery Republican Slope

For Republicans, there is one certainty in  life, no higher taxes on those with gobs of money can be allowed in order to prevent collapse of the economy. John Boehner and company released the budget to ensure America a sound economy. $600 billion from reforming the tax code, $600 billion from reducing  expenditures from Medicare and other health programs, $300 billion from government workers who should pay more for pensions, and $300 billion from the Pentagon budget.

In case you are interested, the sum to come from  taxing wealthy folks is: ZERO!!Yes, the government worker who earns $40,000  a year pays more, yes, the elderly steel worker must work another year, but Wall Street folk simply do not have to pay. Enough, of this ridiculous belief in the sanctity of wealthy folk never paying another dime. Tax the bastards till they squeal!