Downfall Of Tyrants-Inevitable

The history of tyrants during the past century always follows the same pattern. They enjoy mass adulation, they enjoy victorious parades, they enjoy being a model for youth, and, inevitably, they become the  most hated person in society. It took Hitler’s army twelve years before they attempted to kill him. Mussolini was finally captured by Italians and strung up. Gaddafi was a frightened man in his final moments of life.

Today, each day witnesses further evidence that Syrians who once loyally served the Assad family have second thoughts about their former boss. Khaled al-Ayoub, senior Syrian official in London, quit saying he no longer was willing to represent a regime which commits such oppressive acts and violence against its own people.

For Bashar al-Assad and his gorgeous wife, it is simply a matter of time before they face the consequences of murdering the innocent.