Dr. Assad, Master Surgeon!

Technically speaking, he can be called, “Doctor Assad” since he once was involved in the field of medicine. But, Bashar al-Assad prefers to be called a surgeon who operates on bodies. The good dictator of Syria wants the world to know he had nothing to do with murders in Houla which led to the death of people. Anyone killed in Syria is murdered by forces from “the outside.” From his perspective, his only crime in being a damn good surgeon.

Bashar compared himself to someone who operates on sick people. “When a surgeon is in the operating room, and cuts and amputates, do we say to him that your hands are stained with blood?” Of course not. All he is doing is amputating terrorists and getting rid of germs that might infect his nation with thoughts of freedom.

Bashar made clear to opponents”we will be forgiving only for those who renounce terrorism.”