Dr. No Paul And Ignorance Of History

Tea Party supporters such as Dr. Rand Paul, son of Ron, Senior, display and amazing ignorance of history when discussing the past of their nation. Tea Party advocates cite the famous Boston Tea Party as the symbol of reducing taxes even though the British had REDUCED the price of tea at that time. Dr. No Rand displayed a complete unawareness of civil rights in American history by telling reporters he had misgivings concerning the Civil Rights Act of 1965 because he thought “a lot of things could be handled locally.” Schmuck, local groups had passed laws that deprived Negroes of their civil rights, why would they be the ones to be in charge of civil rights? In 1957, Republican President Dwight Eisenhower had to send the army into Little Rock, Arkansas, to enforce integration of the high school. Negro children were escorted by soldiers pass local mobs of hate yelling men and women who even spit at the children. Dr. No is not a bigot, he is simply another one of Tea Party individuals who never have read a book dealing with American history.

The good news concerning Dr. No is that he comes across as having some sense when compared to Mark Williams leader of the Tea Party Express. Williams refers to Obama as “the half white racist president.” and considers Muslims to be worshippers of “the terrorist half monkey god.” FOX News believes Williams is a reputable voice of American politics. The Tea Party is simply the latest manifestation in American history of demagogues who stir up hate and eventually the American people realize that respect for our opponents is a basic tenet of this nation.