“Dr.” Paul Ryan Speaks About Science

I enjoyed a normal education. I went to school, was required to take courses in science such as biology, and chemistry. It was my assumption those who taught such courses actually knew something about the field of science. Little did I realize until reading the words of “Dr” Paul Ryan, who spends his time in the United States Congress, that those posing as “scientists” lack any knowledge about what is going on in this world. For some reason, these “scientists” claim that action by humans is altering the climate in this world. According to Paul Ryan, do not listen to people who masquerade with Ph.Ds or boast of studying geology and weather. They lack his knowledge which was gained in talks with lobbyists and pollsters. These are the true scientists in our world. Let me share the wise words of Paul Ryan:

“Climate change occurs no matter what. My question is: can or should the federal government do something about it…. And, all it will do is end up hurting our economy, our people, and especially low income people. I see an excuse to grow government, raise taxes and slow down economic growth.” I trust Americans will listen carefully to the words of someone who has absolutely NO knowledge about what is occurring on our planet. However, in fairness to Paul, he IS an expert on fostering wealth for those who are wealthy. He is against the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT” doing anything. I wonder if Paul has any knowledge what prior Republican leaders did:

!. Abraham Lincoln introduced the income tax. He had the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT finance construction of the Intercontinental railroad which dramatically changed our economy. He pushed through the Homestead Act which allowed thousands to get free land–talk about aiding the poor. He also had government provide financial aid to colleges.

2. Theodore Roosevelt is responsible for creation of our National Parks. He had the Federal Government finance construction of the Panama Canal. He pushed through anti trust laws and regulation of Big Business.

3. Dwight Eisenhower is responsible for creation of our intercontinental roads. FINANCED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

4. Franklin Roosevelt had airports built, shipyards constructed, dams built, reforested our nations, constructed roads, built railroad stations, etc..

Imagine an America with Paul Ryans as president, instead of these men??