Dr. Rand Paul For Public Health!

Dr. Rand Paul is not exactly a doctor of medicine although he does know something about caring for the eyes. For some reason, he has his eyes on the health of Americans and now supports a return to the eugenics movement. This movement arose in the United States at the turn of the twentieth century. It argued the concept that people who wound up in jails for stealing(this in no way refers to those on Wall Street who steal) was due to allowing people with a genetic tendency to crime to be allowed to have children. Solution, sterilize those who might produce future criminals. Dr. Rand wants the US to adopt such programs-again. The last time we did this thousands of African Americans were sterilized and few wealthy men who stole the nation blind ever saw the inside of a hospital.

Oh, Senator Rand, German doctors came to the United States to learn about our modern ideas concerning health and used this concept to kill six million Jews. We suggest:

For a healthier America, we sterilize anyone who is a member of the Tea Party. Now, that would be a contribution to public health!