Dr. Todd Akin Speaks On Abortion

I recognize that members of the Democratic Party are in allegiance with the Devil so let me suggest those people cease reading this article. The well known doctor of medicine, Congressman Todd Akin offered the public his explanation was to why Planned Parenthood is simply an agency of the Devil. And, he does mean, the Devil. After intensive study, Dr. Akin was happy to inform the public that any doctor who performs an abortion is a “terrorist” who preys on ignorance of women.

Todd understands that most abortion doctors are not really performing  abortions. They trick unsuspecting women who actually think they are pregnant, do the abortion and collect the money. It is all part the “culture of death” which reigns at any Planned Parenthood institution. To any who doubt these words, Dr.  Akin has signed documents by those who did the tricking of women.

Question: If they trick women, would they trick Dr. Akin?