Dream Act Has To Offer Dreams

The history of America is the story of immigrants coming from all parts of the  world, taking new roots in this country,  sending their children to school and witnessing them become Americans in every aspect of the word. But, for some interesting reason immigrants from Mexico are placed in another category. The term, “illegal” is all too often applied to them even though their journey to California or Arizona or New Mexico is simply returning to land that once was part of Mexico.

The proposed Dream Act would allow children whose parents brought them to America and have gone to school in this country to one day become American citizens. They speak English, they are American in every aspect from culture to music to education, but voices of bigotry apply a different place in our society to these young Americans. A Dream Act as proposed by Republicans is NOT a Dream Act unless the final piece is American citizenship.

Mitt Romney is not to be trusted because he will say one thing today and another tomorrow. The only Dream Act for him is becoming president.