Dress Code Anyone?

The issue of dress continues to be controversial, particularly when females are concerned.  Orthodox Muslim and Jewish females insist on the need to cover their heads in order to be religious. The Supreme Court of Denmark ruled ths Netto company has the right to forbid its employees from wearing anything on their heads unless it was necessary for hygiene purposes. Nada Fraije, a Muslim female wanted to wear something on her head. I have mixed feelings on this issue. In the US Army they do not allow anyone to wear anything other than a uniform. Baseball players wear uniforms and they can not simply wear whatever they desire.

My problem is the concept that God worries about having people cover their heads-oops sorry, He worries about women, more than men, wearing head coverings. I don’t think God gives a damn if someone wears or does not wear anything. The only concern of God is the mind and hearts of people. He wants caring, loving folk and if they do not cover their heads, He certainly is not bothered.