Driving Can Be Dangerous To Saudi Males!

As we all know in the West, the nation of Saudi Arabia is the source of our oil, and its rulers dislike al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups because its nation is a citadel of western democracy. Oh, there are some minor issues such as denying women basic rights of free speech, the right to work, AND denial of the right to drive a car. Heck they can’t even leave the house without checking with dear old hubby. However, Manal al-Sharif, is one tough woman. She is tired of only being in a car which is driven by a male, and wants to drive wherever she damn well pleases. One day she even rode a donkey down the street to show how stupid are anti-driving laws. We can assume that women in ancient Arabia did not have a male sitting on the donkey to drive her to shop for some lace. Ms. Sharif has begun a campaign to end anti-driving laws and got in a car and drove it. She was arrested by the religious police for disturbing public order and inciting public opinion.

The anti-driving law makes no religious sense anymore than it does logical sense. It is purely a device to control women by taking away their freedom to meet with other women or to take a job and earn money. As long as the wife is a prisoner at home, without income, without access to friends, she is under the control of husband, father, brother, uncle or any other male in the family.

Gee, does anyone think Barack Obama will make a speech urging freedom for women in Muslim nations??