Drone Argument Drones On

The Obama adminstration has fallen in love with use of drone planes in order to kill insurgent leaders. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has requested information concerning the program only to be told it is a big, big secret. Officials insist the Drone program is effective, it is lawful and it is supervised to ensure no violation of American laws. So far, Drones have been used in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. In all cases US officials claim targets of suspected insurgents.

The ACLU simply wants evidence that claims are supported by facts. For example, what percent of Drone attacks result in civilian casualties? How do we know the person killed was really an insurgent? The London based Bureau of Investigative Journalism claims there have been 344 drone hits in Pakistan alone since 2002 which led to killing 3,325 people including 881 civilians.

Say, what was that about President Obama once being a professor of constitutional law??