Drone Elsewhere Says Pakistan

The presence of  drones is rather new in the lives of those engaged in warfare. It is one thing to send a plane to bomb people that is staffed by people, but another to send a machine to bomb people. Under the administration of Barack Obama, the use of drones has dramatically increased. Naturally, the US armed forces insists drones are never wrong. That guy driving in the Ford car is definitely a Taliban chief and so what if ten other people drive the same type of Fords, when the drone says you are bad, you are bad!

Pakistan officials are furious because for some strange reason drones might actually make a mistake and cause the death of innocent folk. Razza Rabbani of the Pakistan parliament, insists “this means the cessation of drone strikes in Pakistan.” Of course, Pakistan military leaders openly agree, but secretly love drones getting rid of Taliban militants who attack Pakistan soldiers.

I assume this debate will drone on and on.