Drone On And Kill On-It’s Legal

We live in unusual times during which the president of the United States of America can identify an individual, term that person a “terrorist”and then dispatch a drone plane to send him to an early grave–and, it is all legal. The New York Times  and the American Civil Liberties Union had filed a request to examine documents related to any citizen of this nation who has been placed on the Kill List by the government. Ordinarily, it is not Kosher to kill an American citizen,  but that was before 9/11. Of course, if authorities had pursued normal operating procedures which many nations accept, there would not be drones wandering around the skies seeking people deemed guilty.

There is a difference between sending to death an American citizen in a court of law where he is able to offer evidence, cross examined witnesses and actually be judged by an impartial of people, and the president each morning  deciding who is or is not guilty. This certainly is not what our Founding Fathers thought, regardless of Justice Scalia’s  views of what they wanted in a democratic society.