Drone On And On Forever

They shot another drone into the air, it fell to earth somewhere in Pakistan. It hit a house in which resided some “ARABS.” As anyone who understands conflict in the Middle East and Asia understands, if there is a house in which reside some ARAB men, then, by definition, this house must be destroyed in order to kill those who lead the fight against forces of the United States of America. The Obama Care program for Islamic militants is based on the following theory:

1. Militant groups have leaders.

2. Militant leaders are bad people.

3. Kill militant leaders.

4. If you kill militant leaders then followers will be bewildered.

5. If followers are bewildered they will lay down their arms.

6. Once followers lay down their arms, that will signify the end of a militant group.

Question: Can President Obama cite a single example in the Middle East or in Asia of the above actually occurring?
Question to President Obama: Did you boast to the American people of having killed Osama bin Laden?
Question to President Obama: Is al-Qaeda in ruins or is al-Qaeda going strong in Iraq?